05 June 2009

Collection Review: Sonia Mack

Quick note about my collection reviews:

I don't believe that because a designer is established and well known that they shouldn't be criticized. Without criticism there is complacency. Without criticism no one can strive for excellence.

Here we go.

So if I were a Project Runway judge I would definitely be Michael Kors. His observations are always linked to some sort of reference which can range from the simple and cutting (e.g. "That was so Paris Hooker 50s") to really really mean (e.g. "She looks like Barefoot Appalachian Lil' Abner Barbie!"). Similarly, as soon as I see a look on the runway I try to make a connection as to what type of woman I can see wearing the ensemble. Such referencing is not always complimentary. (Btw, Project Runway is moving to Lifetime this year so all the Trini Fashionistas who were not able to see it when it was on Bravo can now be exposed to the fabulousness).

Sonia Mack is one of the designers who I believe was overzealous. First of all this is like 4 or 5 collections in one. In fact I thought it was four separate collections, and given to exaggerating, when I realized it was all one collection at first perceived it to be like 80 looks (more like 30 lol). Let's discuss some of these mini collections in detail:

The long handkerchief hemlines, and large face obscuring headpieces called to mind only one client for these looks in Sonia Mack's collection: sexy La Diablesse! I almost expected to see a cloven hoof emerge from beneath the skirts of the models and could imagine the stage manager screaming at them as they came on to the stage: "REMEMBER GIRLS, LIMP! LIMP!" If I were a man in the audience I would have been running to the bathroom fas fas to turn my clothes inside out!

Further, I understand experimenting with different textures and fabrics but I am totally confused by using textures that obscure the customer's figure and overtake the body like some sort of weird algae. Further, the curly tendrils that spring from many of her pieces look like they belong on the last choice costume in a sold out Carnival Band! I know Sonia Mack is a renowned costume designer as well but is this really the arena for you to show off that skill? Or do you really believe that Caribbean women should be dressing with an element of mas every day?

As for this, I can only imagine this is what Tan Tan (a woman renowned for her predeliction for curly elements on an outfit) might select to wear to Saga Boy's funeral.

And then realizing her new single status, she would then strip down to this sexy little number:

You go Tan Tan! An good man is hard to find!

And then when she finally does find her new 18 foot love, Ms. Mack has also provided a bridal look for dear Tan Tan!

But at least I can figure out clients for those looks (as fictional as they might be). Some of the other pieces of the collection just confuse me. The crocheted fringe evening wear/lingerie??? The champagne coloured satin suit that puckered at the seams? The fuchsia corset and miniskirt that found a place smack dab in the middle of a few East Indian inspired garments????? (Actually this doesn't confuse me as much. She obviously had some material left over and didn't want it to waste.) And a better question: How do these pieces relate to each other??

Honestly I think Ms. Mack needed to have decided what she wanted to make for fashion week: costumes or garments. (And then asked herself where on earth these garments were meant to be worn?) She landed somewhere squarely in between and the results were not impressive.

pics courtesy www.triniscene.com


  1. This is the first full review i have read since fwtt has ended and i like your views.

  2. Ooooh. Some people are gonna be mad at you!
    Great review, though!

  3. I agree with your review. Only Vivienne Westwood can do a costume runway show --- and that mess from Ms.Mack ain't it.